Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-02-01 16:41:38 (UTC)


YAY I MADE IT TO FEB!!!! Soooooo excited...I was going
through my responses and one of my responders was more or
less being sarcastic but in there response they said set
your alarm clock for every 2 hours wake up, walk around,
and see if you like it lol! Well...Honestly I may be weird
but i think that is the BEST idea EVER!!!! I'm going to try
it just to get my body used to the fact of waking up....I
raised Alex Hunter David Eldrigde from the min he was born
till he was about 6 months old and I mean I raised him like
I was the one who was waking up with him i was the one
making sure he got fed, changed, tooken to the doctor, All
the fun stuff...So i have an idea of whats its going to be
like but considering Alex was not MY son i believe it will
be a little diffrent...I have never really had a prob with
waking up i just kinda dont care lol! Some ppl are real
grumps about that stuff....not me i could care less cause
hey there is a reason why I am awake!!! But i think I might
try the alarm clock idea to get myself on schedual with
that!...Then i believe i'm going to try to put Kaden on my
own schedual...yes this mean i'll be setting the Alarm
clock for 2 am and making him wake up to eat! I know i'm
soo mean but if he is not on my schedual school will just
be harder for me!

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