Too Much to Say
2006-01-31 23:15:36 (UTC)


i still get giddy when he looks at me. last night in bed
jason rolled over and looked at me like he was falling in
love with me for the first time. in that moment i just felt
like the most beautiful woman in the world, i couldn't look
away. it felt so new and wonderful. i don't know how some
marriages can end so soon, and love can die so fast. i love
jason more today than i did the day i married him. i mean,
yes there are moments when i feel a sense of loss knowing
that i'll never have a first kiss again, or a first touch,
or first glance...those are wonderful, exhilerating things.
but they are nothing compared to waking up everyday next to
your best friend. having a partner to support and love you
in the best and worst of times. knowing that you are
everything to someone. it's just's the way
life was meant to be. i love being married.

my belly is starting to pooch a little. it's not bigger
really yet, i just can't keep it sucked in anymore. a
baby...i still can't believe it.

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