Nick's Journal
2006-01-31 04:32:29 (UTC)

Finally Done!!!

i finally finished my financial aid application! now with
that having been sent off and all of my law school
applicatoins i just have to wait. i did my taxes but i want
to go over them, but other than that i seem quite done with
all of the extra work!
i feel quite elated and way too awake for 11:15. fuck i'm
gonna hate myself tomorrow. you know how you're just
cruising with no problem at like 2 in the morning and then
you finally crash, completely exhausted and you just savor
that moment that your head hits the pillow?
only to be waken up 4 hours later by the screeching of your
alarm clock?
god i hate the sound of my alarm clock. it is one of those
that is quiet at first and gets progressively louder. i
don't think it has ever made it past the first decibel
level. i always pounce on it. and i even wake up around
6:30 or so and realize i have a half an hour. then it takes
me about 20 mins to fall asleep and the second my eyes close
the shriek starts.
arghhhhhhh!!! well that will be me tomorrow.

i guess i'm so happy about having this stuff done as i have
not really had much of a chance to just not do anything for
a while. i was really sick for a while and then i just had
a bunch of shit hit me.

i asked my baby of four years to marry me about 2 weeks ago
and the wedding planning has been off the hizzle (already).
but i'm so happy to do it all. to be honest, even with all
the shit i have to do what with me being the only paralegal
working at our law firm and all the work when i come home
just to go to law school, i am still so very happy and in
love with her when i come home.
i seriously don't mind the wedding planning at all, i truly
love it. i am by nature a control freak so i love planning
shit. i already have spreadsheets drawn up for cost
comparison and budgeting. i've been basically writing new
lines of code for quicken so that it can accomodate my new
wedding account.
and everywhere i go the same bullshit stereotype is thrown
in my face,
"ooooooooooh boy." (wink and nudge with a bit of rolling of
the eyes here by whoever is saying this).
"you just let HER do all the talking....just enjoy the ride
buddy, this is her day." (then a stupid chortle and me
envisioning bludgeoning them to death with a fine cocktail
glass containing three jumbo shrimp and some coleslaw.
i swear to god i am so excited about the planning. i just
view it as one great celebration where everyone can have fun
and drink and my dad can yell the catering staff into the
what could be better? or more enjoyable? i'm sure the
stress of all of it will always be there and i'm sure that
there will be some quirks along the road. but whatever may
come and however it may end, it still doesn't change the
most special part. my marriage to my baby girl. :-).
that's what it's truly about, it's sort of like christmas in
a way. sure these things can get caught up in the stupid
hooplah that inevitably surrounds these occassions. but if
you just focus in on the one truly immovable reason for it
all to happen, well then, i don't know how it can't be fun.

so now i think i will go and sleep. we have a new
receptionist. we hired her on the spot today. it's a black
lady with long ass dreds and a nose ring. we got into a bit
of a scuffle today (i don't know if it's good-natured yet).
basically what happened was that i had printed something to
the downstairs pritner and she was scanning down there. now
this is one of those multi-purpose machiens where you can
scan and print at the same time.
i went down to see if my shit had printed out when i noticed
that it was out of paper. joy (or joyce i can't remember)
was standing there looking a little bit too transfixed with
the scanner sucking in the documents. i kind of did the
polite throat clearing and said that i needed to finish some
printing. now i mistakenly thought that she realized that
this wouldn't affect her at all and that she just had to
move so i could put more paper in, but apparently she
didn't. so her response was,
"oh, so i guess i'm getting BUMPED."
the way she said 'bumped' made me just think of nature
shows. we were too silverback gorrilas out in the jungle.
she the new adherent to our clan, feeling threatened by the
advance of an obviously younger but more firmly entrenched
male apparently threatening her first right.
her screech was fierce at first, eyes locked onto the
challenge. the challenger however did some grunting around
and started sweating around the armpits. with many more
grunts and gesturing the younger male was able to avoid an
altercation and to appease the newly received female by a
quick grooming of her scanned documents which had gotten
stuck in the scanner.
the primal life as a paralegal rages on!