Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2006-01-31 02:01:24 (UTC)


so eric had his interview up in barrie, didnt work out
well...but we got offered to go up to BC for a month or so?
he doesnt want it, but he does....he doesnt want to leave
me...but honestly...i want him to go...he has the right to
go, i shouldnt be the reason why he does go...he should
go!...he should...like, we aren't dating...yet. and even if
we were i would want him to go....if he doesnt go, he'll be
sad and i dont want to be the reason why he didnt go...yes,
i'll miss him, so what...its only for a few weeks :)

hmmm...what else is on my mind...there's a lot...
so, it' too late to apply to university. im kinda upset
about it. I really want to go to school in sept. This year
has been a roller coaster, finding a job, mataining a job
and night school. Its been tough. Im not use to this much
responsibilites. In a way, im glad i took the year off, i
was able to grow without being in school, got a taste of
reality. Reality sucks.

so eric started a list of things we have to do, because
unfortunatly i haven't experience anything...i just sit on
my ass all day. He's always doing something. Yesterday he
went indoor rock climbing and today he went skiing. I like
him :D he's not a bum like me. I need someone like
that-someone to sweep me off my feet and make me enjoy life.
The only things i've been doing is stay at home, watch tv,
work, school, and once in awhile i'll go to cafes with my
friend when they arent working....and eric...well be the one
that will make me enjoy life a bit more. I like him :)

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