La Vida Mia
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2006-01-30 22:23:17 (UTC)

January 30, 2006

Everything is going about as well as it can be going.

1. chicago dude is good. im trying to regulate that shit
so nobody ges hurt.
2. west des moines friend is a flake but still cool to
hang out with.
3. friend that loves me is seriously close to getting the
axe. his neighbor and i have started hanging out without
him, its really cool. no pressure, no weird tension, its
so nice to hang out with normal people who dont love me
and like to complicate shit.
4. so check this shit out. i was online the other day
and i get a message from the fella. he says hes sorry he
hasnt called me and apologizes incase i tried to call
him. he dropped his phone and lost all the numbers and
all that. im like yeah, cool heres my number, dont write
it down unless youre gonna use it. two minutes later he
calls and starts up a conversation. asks me about my life
and all that shit. tell him about my new job and
construction and gettign fired from wells fargo and hes
shocked i dont give him weekly updates. theresd alot of
flirting going on and hes telling me about this and that
and we talking about how i met his brother at the bar and
working out and whatever.

THEN, he tells me that hes sorry for whatever happened, he
was starting to feel pressured, i can understand. so we
talk about that for two seconds and then he suggests we
spark shit up again. i say we didnt stop hanging for my
lack of trying and if he wants to get something going im
down with that. then he "invites" me over but i dont take
the bait, he was probably just horny. thank GOD! i had
something going on, otherwise i would have gone over. so
the flirting keeps on keeping on and then i end the
convo. i have to say that in the past the conversation
usually reaches a lull and then he ends it, this time the
fucker powered through, good for him.

i text him about the survivor auditions he an his buddy
were going to try out for, good luck and all that. so
saturday night he gives me a call and wants to know whats
up, i tell him im at a house party and its great and i
hope he has fun and ill talk to him later. have a FRAGGIN
BLAST and when i get home hes left me a message, cant
really respond as im "busy". so i text real quick and go
about my business. sunday night he calls me, leaves a
message wanting to know how the party went and that my
voicemail message is boring. call hi back, leave a
message, tell him to fuck off and thats where it stands.

i dont know what the deal is. maybe hes lonely, maybe hes
crazy, i dont know. hes initiated contact 4 times in less
than a week, thats more than hes done since i saw him
last, at the living history farms run. whatever happens,
im not going to freak out. i dont want to pull some jeff

you have to regulate brother, keep your shit together.

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