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2006-01-30 17:46:35 (UTC)

We. Girls. Women.

We've all be on the other side of this.
Hiding behind couches that were set on the curb for the
trashman to pick up.
paisley couches that are in old family pictures, couches
that used to look so nice in living rooms.

And we throw rocks at the neighborhood boys.
Because we know that they deserve it.
They haven't done anything to us at all.
But hating them is an instinct that we must nurture---
somehow we know we'll grow out of it soon.

They walk away with welts on their chests and we bask in
that innocent glory.
we go inside and forget about it in ten minutes.
while brushing the hair of our barbie dolls.

We've been inside of this
and we've felt it in our chests.
bad news is heard through ears but felt through heart,
body, finger tips.
and we burn pictures-throw things out windows.
i went through a throwing phase myself.
and whipped these relics across the room so i could see
them shatter across the wall.

but when you fall off of your side of the see saw.
you fall from the bottom and the other side goes crashing
and what hurts more?

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