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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-01-30 17:46:15 (UTC)

sub diary 30-01-06


today was my day off but i had several things i had to do
in the morning. on the way into the shopping centre there
was a bad accident on the main bridge. i was held up there
for over half an hour. Master wasnt working today so i had
told Him i would be home by 11 am. with the delay i began
to panic i would be late.

Master slept late and He tried to call me to let me know
that He would be late as well. i was in a meeting with
some people so i couldnt take His calls. As soon as i got
home i logged in and Master was online. We briefly chatted
before i rang Him. time was limited due to an unexpected
tradesman needing to call.

Master had left me an order to have all my toys plus a few
other things. one of the things i needed was a long thin
cucumber plus condom. i had a rough idea what He planned
for me. As soon as i called He ordered me to lube up my
pussy and arse plus the smaller of my toys. i was to put
pegs on my nipples as well. He then told me to put the
condom on the cucumber and begin to use it in my pussy. i
was allowed to cum then i was told to roll to my side and
begin to use my smaller vibe on my arse. i still am not
use to it. it still hurts like hell to begin with but then
the pleasure overtakes the pain. Master permitted me to
cum several times which was wonderful and so powerful. as
Wwe could have been interupted at any moment Master dealt
with me quickly.

Wwe then had an amazing talk about simple things like
coffee, breakfast, bread. this might not seem important but
it was to me. Oour short talk ended up being over 1 hour.
i love Master and He doesnt rush me. He explained that He
knows what i am going through right now so He does not push
me extra hard. Some other Masters might not agree with
this. i needed to go and get dressed so Wwe said out good

i managed to log back onto a computer a little later and
Master & i chatted some more. this would have to be the
best day i have had in ages. Master & i have more than a
bdsm relationship. i also was able to talk to Master about
a concern i had with Him ordering me to cum in my car in
desolated places. this is what i had told Him in my page
the other night so i was worried that Master might be angry
with me for not fully discussing it. He understood and
said that limited reception is what push Him at time to
order me to find somewhere that Wwe can talk on phone. if
a little forsight this can be overcome. also the other
night i told Master i was going for a naked late night
swim. He was worried about sharks etc but i had planned on
swimming in fresh water. Master & i talked about so much.

Master each day i grow even closer to You and i love You
more. You are my world.

slave jessica {MJ}

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