slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2006-01-29 21:57:34 (UTC)

sub diary 29-01-06


my what did i do today? what did i think
today? what did i feel today? all good questions to begin
here but not sure how i will answer them.

do......slept a little late...woke to my niece kissing me
good morning...almost a perfect way to wake, had a bowl of
cereal then dressed in a black skirt with red tailored
shirt, skintoned bra and knickers, black shoes and a little
make to work i went. worked hard and then home to
prepare a nice dinner for one. steak, savoury rice, a
tossed green salad and a glass of red wine.

think.....well i think i am one of the luckiest people on
this earth, i have a wonderful Master who is so patient, so
sweet, so understanding, so lovable, so powerful, so
strong, so authoritive, so controlling in the best way.

feel.....i felt loved and i felt embraced and i felt
secure. i can tackle the world today.

tomorrow i hope against all hope to be talking with Master.
He has emailed a list of things that i need for our chat.
most i understand why He requested them but a couple i am
curious about but i am sure i will find out soon.

going now so i can complete my rituals then dream of Master

love to each and everyone of you
slave jess {MJ}

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