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2006-01-29 05:22:11 (UTC)

Another story - now I save friends

Good morning
There is another story
Diffrerent of past I can save friends with wise and
I am going to a trip on a beach
I get more resources on my country than past to realize stories
It is more easy to save friends but
the will to change things was essential on past and
important now
Enemies every time are there but they are now more disguised and shy but the same type
Desperate and coward people are my enemies ever
They try to push my friends to their darkness
Well good weekend to every hero on world like you
and me and they
My gipsy tarot on a shopping machine said I am on a no positive times but orkut fortune said other
Oops today orkut said to be silent on job and ignore friends talkings it means colleagues or people on work
The gipsy machine said something like to void fights maybe on the work place Yes now my enviroment is the job and friend I will save is there and enemies too
Heros vilains ladies the same story but on real life
Good luck
and hot days and night of green house effect on summer on a tropical country called Brasil