Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-01-28 04:05:45 (UTC)

Starting to Hurt!

Kaden has been putting his feet up towerds my ribs more and
more each day and it is really starting to hurt like if i
sit certain ways...And my back has been starting to just
kill me! I think i'm going to wind up laying around the
rest of this pregnancy cause I cant walk, It hurts to sit
(sometimes) I'm glad I'm going on homebound Monday cause
those desks at school (I cant fit in them some ppl make fun
of me) but its a real tight fit and it hurts my back and
puts pressure on my belly. I wish he would just come out
lol! 18 days to go Today! I cant believe how fast and slow
this pregnancy is and has gone! I swear i was just 20 weeks
yesterday waiting to find out if i was having a boy or
girl. But now i'm 37w 3d and I'm ready to EXPLODE! its just
alot of pressure and i'm starting to think by the way he
loves to kick me that he wants out just about as bad as i
want him out LOL!