C. Surpless

Caffeine and Nicotine
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2006-01-27 20:31:11 (UTC)

Untitled VII

Now it seems that I may have attracted an assh*le to my
online diary.

I understand that I've not been writing much lately. So
what happens when I finally sit down to do so? I log in to
manage this thing, and find that there are no longer 9
replies to my entries. There's now 16 messages from you; my
audience. I start to go through and read them, only to
discover that somewhere down the road someone has become a
bit jealous of me. Why?

Why would anyone be jealous enough of my lifestyle to
attempt to discredit any and everything that I am? (See
following examples:

Example 1) Your not homeless., Example 2) Your a
professional tramp the worst of the worst!

First off, I am homeless. In fact, it was just last night
that I fell asleep on the porch of some business here in
Eugene, instead of indoors somewhere. Secondly, in a
way ... I am a tramp, meaning that I do travel by foot.
(The following is the online definition of tramp given by
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary's website) 1 a : a foot
traveler b : a begging or thieving vagrant c : a woman of
loose morals; specifically : PROSTITUTE.

Now I couldn't possibly be a woman of loose morals simply
because I'm not a f*cking woman. So this leaves that part
of the definition out. And as for being a begging or
thieving vagrant? That can't possibly be true. Does this
person have any idea as to what he/she is talking about?

What's a vagrant? According to Merriam-Webster Online
Dictionary's website, a vagrant is someone who has no
established residence and wanders idly from place to place
without lawful or visible means of support. This is so NOT
me. For one thing, my means of support are very visible. I
have an Oregon Trail card (FOOD STAMPS) in my pocket right
now, which I obtained "lawfully". And if you (my audience)
were to ask me to pull this card out of my pocket, you
would then "visibly" notice that the truth only proceeds
from these lips.

So for whomever you are out there in Cyber-Space wishing
to "get a rise" out of me, I would suggest that you first
read and understand the definitions of both libel and
slander. And remember ... I love a good courtroom brawl.
Bring it on!

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