Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2006-01-27 19:50:10 (UTC)


its january, 6 and the sun is shine!

what a beautiful day to go outside...

I went out this morning to my old school tp pick up my
transcript, met up with a few friends that still go there,
and walk around the hood..lol..it was such a nice day to go
for a walk... then i passed by the skating near my house...
oh god, its sooo nice to go skating, but i have no one to go
with :( no one has skates or can skate...that pisses me
off!!! see, thats why i like Eric, he's fun, athletic, he
can skate! lol...boring people bore me :(

so for the rest of the day, i have nothing to do... but
no!!! i wana go out and do something!! it's such a beautiful
day and im always stuck at home..grrr...this makes me
angry..i wanna live up in barrie or close to it, or have
eric live closer to me =( this really sucks...but oh well,
theres not much i could do about the eric issue...meh..well,
im left without things to say expect that i reeeealllly like
eric :D ..teehehe

write ya later!