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2006-01-27 14:49:52 (UTC)


have been really idle these days. been playing online games
and done no schoolwork. feel rather guilty to think about
it. and i have spent so much money. bought another pair of
sandals yesterday with shirvy.

life's empty once again. i could not believe that i am
really stuck in this situation. in this hell called NUS.
school has been bad. life has not been good either. i wish i
had the people i love near me now. i wish some people from
the past will come and stay. i wish i was not this lonely.

one rather good news is that i have not really been thinking
about erick these days. i am considering if i should say
happy birthday to him. i see no point in doing that. but
somehow the softer side of me says that i should.

been irritated with kresna again. bastard. irritating bastard.

bor-ing life. i want to run away. but to where. i hate
niners people. i don't want to see them. irritating people
who remind me of how miserable my life has been in singapore.

i hate my life. i want to go away. i can't wait for next
year when i could go away for half a year. i can't guarantee
it will be good there either, but at least, a CHANGE. god,
how i need that now. how i want to run away.

hell of a world. damn the world. damn. damn. damn.

well, at least i got a 4 day holiday starting tomorrow. ya,
a pseudo-holiday that is.

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