*~!The life of a performer!~*
2001-10-09 17:54:17 (UTC)


I hate the reputation that you get when someone thinks that
you are spoiled!
Do you know what it is like for everyone to think that you
always have everything. I hate being labled as the perfect
girl and EVERYONE wants to be like you. Most people would
want that. But i am sooo tired of it. Perfect body Perfect
hair Perfect nails Perfect clothes Perfect EVERYTHING! I am
soo tired i just wish that i could get rid of all of it but
then agin i have worked so hard to get this far so i guess
that i am just going to have to put up with it. Well i
guess thats all that i have to say for today. I have to get
going on my workout. And once agin I love getting your
questions and comments so send away!
Meg Nichole