slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2006-01-27 08:33:24 (UTC)

sub diary 26-01-06


today was a public holiday for Australia Day. trading was
sunday trading times so that was good. i like shorter days.
after lunch was a little busy.

i dont spend much time at my new unit. i cant wait to quit
it totally. i am lucky that i was able to find someone to
take over my lease. i spend alot of time at my siblings

i need to clarify the reason for my punishment. i may have
given the impression that it was because i had posted in my
diary before telling Master. this was the short version of
a part of my punishment. the main reason was failure of
communicating with Master. i had avoided it. this was a
huge error on my part. in Oour relationship open
communication is a must, more so with the distance between
us right now. it will always be top priority for Uus.

Master rang me today but once again Wwe were cut off. now
why would this surprise me anymore. it is the norm now. He
had began to leave me orders for an added task tonight. He
did leave them on the computer. thank You Master.

i love You Master
slave jess {MJ}

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