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2006-01-26 02:25:24 (UTC)

Day off...

Finally, instead of going to myspace and getting upset
over not being able to figure out how to get the
background and layout to correspond to my profile, I come
here and review my thoughts. Today is my day off. I've
gone no where, I've done lots...yet not enough.

Got my leads through abc bartending. Soon I should figure
out when can I hit what place, and study up a bit. Refresh
my memory and such.
Read through most of the stuff from both the printer and
the digi cam instructional manuals. Now we've gotten
acquianted, soon we'll be cooking.

I should still...eventually acquire a laptop, et.c.. I
talk about that stuff alot. I know that there are still
things that I need to have. Well, eventually I'll be a
motorcycle riding bartending filmmaker. My book bag, that
I will always have on me will hold a lap top on back,
camera and printer side by side, digi cam near those two
for accessibility. With wires on the sides, along with an
extra print cartridge and printing sheets. Perhaps a small
photo album, and definately a notebook with pen, pencil,
highlighter, and such. Oh yeah, put on my zip up yellow or
green leather overall...kinda like kill bill. Hop on my
motorcycle and ride away to... school... bar (work)... bar
(for fun)... anywhere. Cash in my pocket from tips, the
world will be my oyster. Even if I'm a vegi.

Sorry there, I forbade myself from day dreaming so wow,
that image looks spectacular right now.

But I started up my other diary again where I write down
the after effects of my visualization. Last time I quit 2
weeks before full completion. This time I'll do the whole
thing. It's gonna take about 6 months. Good. Then move on
to bigger and better things. For now it's all good and
helps me focus when I'm not doing what I'm suppose to. The
plan ain't too shabby. Well rounded actually. Just wait
till I get that bartedning job.

Needs to happen before Bassett. Then I can tell people
that I already found a job. Whatever it is. Well... not
whatever, but close to it.

Till next time, I seem to be hungry all the time.