slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-01-26 09:54:57 (UTC)

sub diary 25-01-06


i had a better day. Master emailed me to say He would be
home earlier today. He rang me also on His way home to let
me know too. Wwe had a quick chat and agreed to log onto
chat first before calling.

i arranged some time off then. Master & i chated for a
short while then He asked if i wanted a phone call. i told
Him it was His discission. i knew His answer without
waiting. He told me that Wwe both were overdue for a
session. as i wasnt in my own home some substitution
needed to be made. i had my smaller vibe with me but
nothing else. i was sure most things that Master wanted
for the session could be found around the place.

i called Him after 10 minutes and He answered on the 1st
ring. He didnt waste time ordering me to strip and obtain
something for a spanking. i found a hard plastic paddle.
Master told me that He wanted me to cum once before i was
to be punished. with the use of my vibe on my clit and
pussy i was soon begging to cum for Master. it was amazing.
then came my punishment. i had to hold the vibe between my
legs on my clit while i rolled to one side and begin to
spank my butt. each time i was to count, then tell Master
what was on my mind then beg for another. after 10 strikes
i was ordered to roll over and begin on my other butt cheek
following the same orders. after the first few strikes on
the first side i began to cry. it wasnt the pain. i was
ashamed of myself for having forced Master to punish me by
my actions. the pain was emotional. it tore at my heart.
i settled enough to complete 21 strikes in total. He then
spoke to me soothingly asking if i felt i could take alot
more..i told Master that i needed more. He began ordering
me through another 20 to each cheek. He told me several
times that He couldnt hear the pain in my voice so i had to
strike myself even harder. at some point the paddle i was
using split down the middle. i continued paddling. i grew
so cold even though it was so hot here.

Master talked to me calmly and reassured me. i was allowed
to cum several times. my butt was bright red with fine
lines of bruising. i think the paddle may have pinched my
butt before it broke in half. i had to shower before going
back to work. sitting in my car was so painful. even
walking was reminding me of my errors and why i was
punished. there were several reasons but the main one was
my failure to tell Master about my visit for a second
opinion. i posted in the diary before i let Him know.

i wonder how long i will feel the after effects of my
punishment. physically i think will be shorter than
mentally. this is good.

i love You Master Joel
slave jessica {MJ}