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2006-01-25 01:40:53 (UTC)

Baby Hayden

I've taken so many pictures of my little sweetheart.
He's had two baths since coming home and he loves them. He
cries when you take him out of the bath.

Hayden is having such a hard time getting used to his
crib, probably because he slept beside me in the hospital.
When he's sleeping I put him in but he wakes up a couple
minutes later and starts to cry. If I hold him close to me
he quits and goes back to sleep.

When I leave him with my parents or sister for a little
while he's always quiet when I come back in but as soon as
he sees or hears me he wants to be fed. I guess he
connects Mommy with bottle.

He hardly ever cries but boy can he glare. My sister
Elisabeth loves to pick on him like poking him while he's
sleeping or tickling him. He'll give her the worst evil
eyes. People say he gets it from his Mom.
He looks very asian except for his eyes, you can't really
tell in pictures but in good light you can easily see his
eyes are this blue-gray. They look like Paul's. I'm hoping
here in a week or so they'll darken.