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2006-01-25 01:29:54 (UTC)

The Long Hospital Story

Jan 12 2005 I went in to Georgetown hospital at 6 AM. The
doctor came in by 6:40 to break my water. I started
contracting right away, they only had to give me a little
from the IV to bring the contractions closer together. The
nurse, doctor, and anesthesiologist asked me that morning
if I was planning on a epidural and my naive reply
was, "I'd like to wait and see if I can do it natural."
By 11 AM I was in so much pain I was begging for anything.
They tried the I.V. medication first, my nurse assured me
it would make me sleepy. As soon as she started it I felt
super light-headed, I felt high. I started laughing
because the trim of the room was doubled. But I quickly
discovered that instead of helping with the pain it
sharpened it.
Ryan's Mother was only there that day for a little while
before she had to leave for a meeting in Austin. Sadly for
me the hours she could stay with me were the ones I was in
I tried hard not to scream at her as she tried coaching me
through several contractions. I did pretty well I must say.
Finally around 11:30 AM the anesthesiologist showed up
with his little cart. After he'd done his thing he stuck
around to make sure it took effect. When it did I told him
I loved him.
My nurse stayed with me all day, she was suppose to leave
at three but she stayed till seven with me.
I was starving to death (now that I couldn't feel pain I
was ready to concentrate on food) but of course I wasn't
allowed to eat or drink anything. My nurse would sneak out
to snack just like Ryan.
I'm sure without her it would of been a very long hard day
but she made things interesting. We talked about
everything from her step-daughter to church to horses.
My family came and went all day to check on me, the first
time they came into my room was before the epidural and
when they walked in I was really hurting, must of scared
my little sister cause she turned around and ran out of
the room. Maybe she'll think twice about the twelve kids
she talks about having.
By 8:30 PM that night while I still wasn't hurting I was
tired. I had 7 visitors in my room (all family) And I
really appreciate them keeping me company.Along with the
nurses allowing them to be there since the rule was
supposedly only two visitors at a time.
The doctor came in to check me again so my family went
outside. He told me I was getting a fever and the baby's
heartbeat was starting to weaken. A caseran was going to
I hadn't read much on caserans because I thought I
wouldn't need one. I was scared to death.
While they were rolling me out of my room I told my doctor
they'd better keep an eye on me because I was planning on
making a run for it. He said, "I don't blame you, I
But considering I couldn't even move my big toe I'm sure
he was fairly confident I wasn't going anywhere.
They put the sheet up on my tummy and I really started
freaking out. I asked the anesthesiologist who stayed up
by my head if he was sure he'd given me enough medicine.
The last thing I wanted was the doctor to start slicing
and THEN realize I wasn't dead down there. After about the
fifth time I asked the anesthesiologist informed me they'd
already started cutting. So I guess I WAS dead enough.
Ryan was sitting by my head so he couldn't see anything
either but right before they pulled Hayden out the
anesthesiologist pulled Ryan up so he could see. Ryan said
the first sight of Hayden he had was just his head
sticking out of my tummy. I felt this rough pull and then
he was out. Hayden let out two cries and then the baby
doctor took him and he quit crying.
While they stitched me up I felt this horrible pain in my
chest and couldn't think of much beside breathing. The
anesthesiologist assured me it was normal and not a heart
related problem. They brought Hayden next to my head
after he was wrapped up so I could kiss him. Even though
his eyes were tightly closed I could tell he looked very
Ryan went with Hayden and the baby doctor while they took
me back to my room and cleaned me up. The nurse also
monitored me for about 30 minutes. I was so weak and had
the worse shakes of my life but I tried really hard not to
show it. The nurse told me to just relax but I was so
afraid if I fell asleep or complained they wouldn't let
Hayden come see me.
Eventually they did bring him in and I got to hold and
nurse him. By this time I was feeling better, a second
wind I suppose. I had Ryan call my family who had been
waiting outside. They had said they wouldn't come see me
again that night so I could rest but I really wanted them
all to come in.
They came in and held Hayden and took a whole bunch of
pictures. Hayden never cried at all.
I stayed in the hospital for three days. The day after I
was in horrible pain and the nurse (not the same one as
the day before) told me they would give me IV medication.
I wasn't comforted because I remembered what had happened
the time before. When I mentioned it she looked it up on
my chart and said they wouldn't be giving me it again
since I'd had a bad reaction. That was good news, the bad
news was we then had to wait for the doctor to come in to
ask permission to use other medication. That was hard.
The nurse told me I had to get up and walk around because
I was going to have severe gas pains. Then to be really
mean they took the catheter out. Now I HAD to get up
because whenever I had to pee just a little bit it put
pressure down there and hurt twice as bad.
It was so hard getting out of bed that first 2 days that
everytime they finally returned me to it I'd tell Ryan I
just wanted to be killed. I didn't think I'd ever be able
to recover. The nurses told me over and over that by the
third, fourth day I'd feel a ton better.
At one point two nurses came in to pull me out of bed and
I was just crying my eyes out because it hurt so bad to
stand up. Neither one was very sympathetic, One of them
had had a C-section before and thought I was being a big
baby, the other just wanted me to suck it up so I wasn't
wasting her time. It actually helped that they were both
so mean to me, I became so angry that I did suck it up and
forced myself up and to the bathroom.
The doctor came to see me Saturday and told me he would
release me if I wanted to go. Thursday I'd told him I had
a wedding I really needed to go to Saturday. But by
Saturday I wasn't ready to go anywhere, he told me I'd
better stay if I felt really bad.
Saturday night my sister spent the night so Ryan could go
home and get ready for us to come home the next day, as
well as get some sleep since he hadn't been getting any. I
know it must of been so hard for him because whenever baby
cried those first couple of days he had to get him because
I couldn't move. He also had to help me to and from the
bathroom along with getting me juice or water several
times a day.
Late that night the nurse came to get Hayden for a bath. I
had found out quickly that in the hospital at night it
might as well be day. The nurses come in about every hour
to check on me. When she brought Hayden back he was so
cute, she'd combed his soft hair perfectly. She told me
that he HATED his bath but loved having his hair fixed.
She put him back in bed with me. Since I couldn't move
very well he was sleeping beside me on a pillow which we
both really liked. As soon as she put him down he wrinkled
his forehead and started making a bunch of sounds, it was
like he was telling me what a horrible time he'd had of it.
Sunday at noon I was released. I was getting up and around
a lot better. I slept most of the day with Hayden.
Monday I had to bring Hayden back to the hospital because
he'd been losing weight. Monday they told me he'd lost
even more weight. I had to quit nursing and switch him to
formula because he couldn't get enough from me.
He's so good, he only cries when he's wet or hungry. If
you fix the problem he quits crying and will either go to
sleep or just lay there and look up at you. He's the
perfect little boy.