slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-01-25 07:59:48 (UTC)

sub diary 24-01-06


today was a good day. i woke feeling a lot better. had
breakfast, went for a walk breathing in the fresh air. it
wasnt raining which was nice for a change. but with all the
moisture in the ground it was so muggy, uncomfortable, hot.
oh well we needed the rain and we need alot more. this
week school begins after the summer break. there are
children everywhere, running, laughing, making joyful
noises. most of these kids dont realise that school is the
best years of their lives. i love school. i did well at
school but i was never praised for the good i did.

Master called me on His cell today whilst He was driving
between job committments. it was good to hear His voice. He
expected to be home around mid evening so i made sure that
i had banking & mail to do. i had over 1 hour as i delayed
my lunch break as well. the commitments went longer than
Master expected so Wwe didnt get the chance to chat. maybe
tomorrow i will try again.

love to Master,
love to all,
love from
slave jess {MJ}

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