robot talk. bleepity bloop.
2006-01-24 14:30:47 (UTC)

new life new time

let me tell you about the bus
about the driver who drives the 7 on wednesdays and never
who doesn't have a single crows foot...and i wonder if
perhaps there is a method to her disdain.

theres a man that has the roundest head
who knows not to sit in front of me because he likes to
put his seat back
and im tall and so is he-we've talked about this before.
so he sits across from me and waves.
with his big shiny head in the winter that always seems so
i had hoped someone would bring him a cap for his holiday.
whatever it is.
but he returned with the same bald shining head.
no hat.
and i wonder if i should sit on the bus and knit one.
and give it to him one morning before he has the chance to
look over and wave.

theres a lady that always throw her candy wrappers on the
ground who brings a portable DVD player.
and i love when she sits in front of me and i can watch
through the cracks between the seats.
she always laughs aloud at the funny parts and probably
doesn't realize we all can hear.
and she tries so hard to throw the candy wrappers on the
ground without anyone noticing.
but the wrappers make sharp noises on the bus while
everyone is sleeping. and i know when each wrapper hits
the ground--even half deaf.
i dont mind when she does it on wednesdays.
for the busdriver with no joy to clean.

but on tuesdays when damien drives the bus
and always tries to get the heat just right
so we all sleep soundly all the way up the turnpike
i curse her in my mind
and have even picked up a wrapper or two
when the crowd behind me isn't pushing me off the bus to
the ground in manhattan.

and i wonder why everyone is in such a rush.
to get to manhattan.
when on tuesdays they can be sleeping in on a greyhound
with the temperature thats just right.

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