Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2006-01-24 03:21:08 (UTC)


so i went to the doctor this morning, i found out why my
stomach has been killing me for a few weeks now. So
apprently, when your really nervous, the stomach produces
acid, thats what i have...I didn't know that i was doing
this to myself, i thought i was really sick, like, i need to
go to the hospital, kinda sick... and i guess it is true, i
notice that sometimes i get nervous over little things and i
do not know how to stop it... i really want to stop it... i
do...sometimes im in a situation and i just want to stand up
for myself, but i find myself almost crying...i hate
that...i hate it so much that its killing me, the pain is
horrible, its a pain of stravation...

I told this guy that about my situation and he said i needed
a boyfriend...i laughed, well..cuz i knew what he was
getting at. when i was at the doctor's, i started to think
maybe that's what i need right now...i need someone to take
my mind off things, someone to talk to, someone to go
skiing/skating and all the stuff stuff with.... damn, my
friends are really fuckin boring...shit...either a new
boyfriend or new friends is what i need...i need to take my
mind off of school and work, its making me stressed out...

im going to lay down, my stomach is really kiling me...

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