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2006-01-24 03:01:58 (UTC)

Leads change...

Con. 63 - Lib. 58 - NDP 15 - Bloc 15...

Christ...the Conservatives are now winning. Fuck. I was
hoping that wouldn't start this fast. It is still close
but...fuck, fuck, fuck.

We already have a minority Liberal government right now.
To give you an idea of how close it is and has been - any
combination of Liberal seats lost and Conservative seats
won that totals 36 will indicate a shift in power to the

I'm going to throw up. Stephen Harper, if you take this
election tonight, if you lay a finger to hurt this country
that I love so dearly...I don't know what I could possibly
do to make anyone take notice but it will infuriate me. I
don't want your brand of politics or ideals in my home.
GET OUT. And take your radical religious and
traditional/rigid-gender-role-belief friends with you!!! :
( NOW!!!!!!!

Well...currently it is:

Con. 85 - Lib. 66 - Bloc 28 - NDP 22 - Independent 1

At 2200 even: Con. 84 - Lib. 68 - BQ 29 - NDP 23...

Liberals have 38.3% of the vote, Cons. 35%, NDP 22% but
all this will change as the night progresses...

More later. I have to concentrate...