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2006-01-24 02:53:51 (UTC)

Distribution of Seats...

Well...here were are so far:



There are 308 seats in the House of Commons in Canada. A
full third belong to Ontario, so when people think we are
all high on ourselves about how important our votes are
when there is an election, well...it's true. Ontario
alone can determine the outcome of an election.



Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies is MCing the NDP
headquarters party tonight. God, I love that band, and I
love how he gets involved in stuff like this. I think it
is GREAT! Oh...he has new songs he is going to be playing
tonight...one called "Bull in a China Shop" which he used
to described Paul Martin. Jesus. But good for him for
getting involved. He was influenced by Billy Bragg and all
these other sort of political types...


Ontario has 106 seats in the House. Quebec comes next
with 75.




There's something wrong with the graphic they are
showing. All the parties appear to have gained vote
share. That's seriously not possible. LOL.



The three prairie provinces have 54 seats total. The
Atlantic provinces have 32 seats total, I beleive, British
Columbia has 36 and each of the three territories has 1


It is essentially based on population so it's not as
unfair as it may look, when you consider that Ontario has
approximately 12.5 million people, then 7.5 million in
Quebec, then it falls off dramatically for the other
provinces/areas of the country...

Oh Christ...there it goes. Back in a minute.


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