taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2006-01-22 20:07:02 (UTC)

Christopher Manlamp

That was what my alias became after Dante, a definate
improvement on Derrick. But nothing can beat Derrick, man!

So last night was psychedelic drugs part 2 and
dismantelling of the leafs by the sens part 5. One should
not watch a hockey game on shrooms. That was my lesson
learned last night. It is way too intense on violent
sober, let alone with a head full of organic psychosis. I
would be fixated on the game, every hit magnified
emotionally, it was all i could do not start yelling and
screaming. The scariest part however, was Don Cherry. He
was mean. And he turned into the devil, I swear.

I gotta go get drunk and watch sports.

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