2006-01-22 15:51:29 (UTC)

the juices r worth the squeeze

howdie peeps so howz it goin?
im bk up in aberdonia the now...but this time i got ma
laptop from xmas so ill b able 2 keep in touch a wee bitty
more! its weird bein bk sittin in those 4 walls in the
ktchen! lol...its kinda quiet cos of exams an stuff! iv
still got another 1 to sit on tuesday the i go home 4 the
rest of that wk b4 startin a new term the following
monday! then we start lookin 4 a place 2 stay nxt yr!

so erm...we'v booked our flights 2 ireland!!! yea baby! an
erm we went out on fri nite an got rat arsed in town 4
rachaels bday! lol an then jus sat an majorly pigged out
yday! lol its kool tho cos the famine starts 2day! ha ha
sophie! the bikini diet is on! an lou r gonna hav
2 find a job soon an all...grr! cannot b fooked! lol
neways im gona go study 4 private law the noooo! catch uz
all nxt wk! bubyeee XxX

*the things u say....ur unbelieveable*

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