Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2006-01-22 00:19:06 (UTC)

Masks **poem**

The images that I visualize
The silent tears that form in my eyes
Nothing can separate us but the gap that we create

The voices that I hear
The screams that I fear
I hope that you will come back to talk away my tears

I wait for you to say
That everything is okay
But we both know it’s not. We just ignore the situation

I cry when you don’t hear
I have more (or less) to fear
Please say that you’ll be okay. Please tell me that you’ll
always stay

We can’t forget what we’ve said
Valuable information so priceless
One love, One man, One heart, tears shed. The mask that
covers leaves us faceless

One night of dreams come true
One day more to spend with you
My love, with my mask removed. I show you love I can prove

One day followed by another
I swear I’ll have no other lover
One night followed by one more. You show me you’re the man
I knew before

No more masks, not anymore
I want you to know me and see me as I am
No more hiding secrets, no, not anymore. I will accept you
as you come

Broken, empty, alone. This is how I felt before
Alive, happy, loved. I know love will endure

I love you, Adam Marchant


Kendra Adams

January 15, 2006

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