taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2006-01-21 08:42:27 (UTC)

Plea from a virtue called simplicity

I figured out why writing entries at my-diary.org works so
well and churns out the best quality, and it only took
fucking around with every other peice of crap "my space"
junk on the internet to find out. There are two basic
reasons: 1) the anonimity and 2) the lack of doo dads and
what nots. The anonimity thing is quite simple, while
people I know will read this, that there is no picture and
personality synopsis off to the side makes a siginifcant
difference (for me) in willingness to go balls out and not
that retarded vaugery crap. And the lack of bells and
whistles, fonts and figures, colours and countless
cosmetics, is just less distracting to my ADD riddled
brain and everyone elses. It's the simplicity that makes
this place attractive. Over here, quality and content are
priority number 1 (of 1). So yah. Watch out now.