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2006-01-20 16:01:17 (UTC)

A bit late, but a Happy New Year to you all...

hmm, i dunno why i don't visit her often, because i should.

the beginning of a new year. so far, so good, i suppose.
went to hull a couple of weeks back for 2 nights and it was
fabulous. katie's performence was just great stuff. the
nice thing is, i keep expecting a Hull Sesh to flop, but it
never does. i'm hopefully gonna go through on the 21st (my
birthday), so yeah, i'm looking forward to it...32 days
away, me thinks.

there feels like a new little group is forming. me, ben and
katie. since we hardly ever see LG & co anymore because of
uni stuff, us three have being doing stuff...it feels
weird, but...right. we're meant to be doing something
tonight, like going to james', but that'll never come off.
i know what he's like, so they'll probably end up coming
here. they came here last night, and it went surprisingly
well. we went to ben's before, which was alright, because
we discussed stuff which is coming up this summer.

-Alton Towers (in May)...i doubt it'll come off, but katie
brought it up, saying she went last year with her sis. she
loves rides...i love rides...everyone's a winner.

-Holiday 2006. we've just started discussions about it,
because realistically, we're gonna have to get it booked in
feb/march time. LG is all like "oo, but who'd come, there'd
only be like ben & katie, since everyone else will have
trouble finding money, oo, i don't know, is it worth me
getting a job just for 1 weeks holiday"...you know, that
liberated, self-obsessed attitude she always whips out. she
wants to go to iyanapa (sp?)in cyprus, but we're gonna have
to look through all of the options.

-Leeds Fest (V.I.P. Guest Tickets)...ben's writing off
for 'em, so we'll have to have the 180 quid by march/april
time. i'm SO going. it's so my scene - i probably won't
care for the bands, because normally, bands whome play
there normally aren't my cup of tea. i'll be going for the
drink and potential drugs. sounds chav-ish and vile, but
yeah, it'll be just FUN. that's whats sorely lacking in my
life at the moment...fun.


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