Lost in Translation

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2006-01-18 05:54:43 (UTC)

Lisa, my muse...

...I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I
really appreciated your early morning call on my birthday.
You are the first girl to call me on my birthday before my
mother, ever!

She's now jealous of you!

In more ways than one [it was] delightful, refreshing and
very special. It jogged my memory of the little things
girlfriends do to make a man’s day remarkable. It reminded
me of the beauty of women and their mysterious power that
makes the male heart stop. It advised me that there’s so
much more to life than just myself and my family. It
suggested to me that there’s much more to live and fight
for, in other words: it made me realize just how important
it was for your son to speak through me- for he could not go
on to the next world without expressing his love for you one
last time. It brought my lonely heart out of the dark and
into a New World: a world where I know I am loved. For you
are an angel on Earth and if you do nothing more in this
life to convince yourself of that; please know that I am
forever changed by your love and can’t wait to uplift
someone else’s life in the way you’ve uplifted mine. I love
you now and forever…Thank you Lisa, for your life is an
extension of mine.

Always yours,



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