*jEsSiCa LyN
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2006-01-15 17:56:11 (UTC)


well i was going to make a new one but obviously i already
have one. and i've only written two entries from WAY back
in the day when i was dating Watson. Well let me just tell
you that didn't work out so much. We broke up in a weird
way and then i went and dated one of his best friends.
which i played and he played me idk. we are
still really tight i guess. except me and watson. he just
fucked up any chance he had with me and with my
friendship. oh well things change.

Secondly...i did get a job at Wash Works. i'd have to say
the best job i've ever had. then i moved to Gary, Indiana.
i have to say i am kinda happy here. my cousin who is 19
still causes me ALOT of drama when there really doesn't
need to be! but thats life i guess. umm...i've dated a few
guys since i've been here. George who was ALL sorts of
wrong...and someone i'd rather not name. they both
were ... um! but now i am single and
loving it. things are going great for me. i can't
complain...well except the whole cousin creating drama
thing. but she's a whole different story and i'd really
not like to get into that!