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2006-01-15 02:42:21 (UTC)

Another One Bites the Dust. . . *sigh*

Yes, I am through with another man. Goody.

There are certain stages one goes through in
relationship/breakup. There's "Wow, I'm really happy. I
love this person, yadda, yadda, yadda", then
there's, "Argh! I'm so frustrated!! Why can't we just get
along?!?". Then, there's "Oh, thank God we broke up. I
couldn't stand that anymore. The frustration is over. I am
so happy.". Then, finally, there's "Wow. I was really
happy there for a while. . . . Too bad. . ." I'm at the
last one. I'm really bummed out, even though we would have
surely killed each other. It never would have worked out.
I'm too easygoing, he's too high-maintainance. He's a sex-
fiend, I'm a goody-2-shoes. He's funny, and spontaneous,
and I. am. alone. boooooo. . .

He came into work today. No reason. Came back, started
talking to me. Oh, spare me!!!! I really don't need the
small talk. I would have left it at a simple, "goodbye".
That's easiest. Pretend it isn't something wrong with
either of us. Just goodbye. Please. I don't care how you
are. I don't want you to care about how I am. I just want
to go on. Go on, and find someone else to push away. Leave
me alone. Forget that I ever told you that I loved you. I
lied. I was stupid. I don't know what was happening.

Tis better to have loved and lost my ass. Loving and
losing just makes you feel like tremendous loads of shit.