Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-01-14 21:21:26 (UTC)

Guess thats just life!

I havn't talked to Matt in 2 days and from what I hear he
is staying at Kara's house! I am not fine with that at all.
Kara told him that if he continues to be with me then he
cant see Landon and Logan. What about my son!?!?! I would
never dream of standing in Matts way of seeing them boys. I
have been getting harrased alot by her and her friends
lately and there is like nothing i can do about it. She
keeps telling me to fight her and I know i will step down
before i step up cause I have a son to worry about....She
should kinda be worrying about the twins i dont know how
i'm the top priority to her! Someone else told me that Matt
is telling her that Kaden is not his?!?! If he isnt his
then who's is he I have only been with Matt! I dont care
who they wanna think Kaden belongs to but if i find out
that Matt really did say that to her that just proves to me
that my son isnt that important to him. My son deserves
better then to be denied and i refuse to let Matt deny him.
If Matt's going to say he isnt his then he dont need to
come around or try and be there...cause well he isnt his!
31 days till i'm due and i really cant wait to see my sons
face!! I'm so sick of ppl talking about it though. Yes ppl
love to gossip but will it ever end?!?! My baby shower is
in a week and I still am not completly prepared we have
sent out over 80 invitations! I hope everyone dont show up
lol! http://hometown.aol.com/AfallingAngel48/ That is a
page i made and i would like you all to visit it! It kinda
just gives a gist of my life like i do on here but all
pretty like lol! Yesterday was the last day of this
semester and I cant believe Feb is just around the corner.
I have so much on my mind lately well I guess thats just

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