Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2006-01-09 18:18:11 (UTC)


Yeah a lot happened recently I believe since my last
entry. Robert came back to town in early Jan and we've
been hanging out a few times. Man nothing makes me feel
better than playing halo or armored core with the guys.
also we all went out to eat a few times and went to see a
movie that was pretty funny. I had a pretty good Christmas
and birthday as well... and my new years eve.
I'm 20 years old now. Thats quite a bit away from
when I made my first entry here don't you think? I'm still
on the look out for a good job in town to start off my new
decade lol. My god friend robert bought a pet rat and now
it looks like I'll be caring for it until he gets a car or
something. I don't know really, but I don't mind either..
its a cute rat and easy to take care of. Also, I went and
bought a new ferret for Frisky on christmas eve... you
know he's been so depressed after Tiny died so I thought
I'd do something good for him.
I also added onto thier cage so now its twice the
size! I was really suprised to come across a ferret so
near Chirstmas... especially one that looked... well, like
a clone of frisky! There are no distinguishing features to
tell them apart from one another! Only that Frisky is much
larger and longer since he's older. I've named the new
commer Brisky since he's so like his new step-brother. And
I found he's only about 11 months old...12 now actually.
Well that'll have to do for now, and I'm very happy and
proud to enter 2006 recently!