The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2006-01-08 11:19:09 (UTC)

I HAVE to get out of here!

Dear diary

It's 6 something in the morning and I havne't been to sleep
yet. I'm really deppressed and don't know why. I completely
redid my myspace last night and it looks...sad. It's blue. I
have a quiz on there about cutting and another one about
Mental Disorders. It kind of creeps me out how I jsut put on
there and didn't even worry about it. Weird. Hmmm I thought
about cutting or burning ot something tonight but I didn't.
I went to take a shower peeled off the dead skin off of my
Salt and Ice burn on my leg. It's looking better. There for
a while it was black. lol. I told Cody it was a curling iron
burn but only because I didn't want him to worry. I
shouldn't have lied to him I know but I just don't want to
worry him or be a burdon. He got al ittle worried tonight I
think about me being deppressed but I should hopefully snap
out of it when I get back to school. I hope I hope.

I really need to get some sleep. I'll write back eventually.
I've been pretty good about keeping up with this lately.
Again I neeed to print my entries out when I get to school
this weekend. I'll probably do that. Yup yup. TTYL

Love ya lots