My Life
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2006-01-08 00:28:19 (UTC)

My Life...

This is the story of MY LIFE. Some names and places have
been changed to protect the innocent. If you are really
reading all this crap, then you KNOW who you are and you
KNOW who I am, so....Onwards.

I wont start at the beginning, hell Im 36 this July, that
would be way to far back to remember. I'll start with my
relationship with we'll call him, ummmm....Alan. He was
oh so handsome. He and I had been friends at my church
for as far back as uh...well. We were in my church's
youth group together. I grew up in a very small town about
50 miles from Houston. There was nothing to do on Friday
and Saturday nights except go to parties that someone was
having at their house or in their field with lots and lots
of beer and other fine intoxicants. (Is that even a word)
ANyway, back to Alan (not his real name). We tried
having a relationship before I was even of legal age, oh
boy can you say didnt do it, thank god. I moved on with
my life, then in the Fall of my senior year, we saw each
other again. And man did he knock my socks off. I
believe that he was actually wearing a suit and his hair
was a lot shorter. HE was in the military. mmMMM good
was all I was thinking. Anyway, I think he asked for my
phone number or something, he was in the middle of
training on the Atlantic Coast and was going to be moving
to the WEst coast the next year. SO, I gave him my
number. We started talking and talking. Once or twice a
week. Sometimes more. THen one night I asked if he would
go with me to my SENIOR PROM. Oh boy. I believe he said
that he would check his schedule and get back to me.
Well, he did, he flew in that very day, we almost didnt
make it. We had a great time and left early to go to eat
and talk. Yes, talk, I was a good girl at this time in my
life. I graduated that next week and he was there.
However, one thing led to another and we became the big
boyfriend and girlfriend. But there was one hitch, he was
moving out in the middle of Pacific Ocean to be
stationed. WHAT...SO, whats a girl to do. I said goodbye
to him one afternoon in late May with the promise to see
each other in a year. You got it folks, we only saw each
other once a year for a month. However, there were many
many letters and phone calls. We were very happy and in

I was very good for the first year. I partied with my
friends, went to school and just did the normal kid
things. I think at this point Im thinking, what the hell
am I doing. Here I am a cute girl. Have my own car, make
my own party money, and what am I doing waiting around on
this guy. Well, I loved him, I guess is why, I really

He came home again in May and we had a great time, I think
I even let him get to 3rd base a time or two, but NO SEX
before marriage, even though neither one of us were
virgins. It just seemed easier. We went to visit my
sister at the beach. We had a great time. Well, while we
were there I was to find out that my family thought it
best for me to move there. TO LIVE...Ok, 19, on my own.
Are you beginning to see the END. I think Alan was scared
for me, but hell so was I.

I started school in the summer and Alan went back to
playing soldier somewhere in the Deep Blue Sea. I had a
great summer..I went to the pool at their country club,
got a very nice tan, made lots of new friends, including a
few guy friends(all perfectly innocent). THEN the fall
semester started. AND I met him. THE guy that ended it
all for Alan and I. I'll call him Andy. Andy was very
very good looking. He was tall, blond, blue eyes and
dimples. He was sweet and best of all he was there.
RIght there in the same town. Unlike Alan. Now tell me
whats a girl to do. The love of her life is in the
military half a world away. Only sees him once a year.

Andy and I went on our first date in September. Many more
dates soon followed as well as having lunch together
everyday and talking on the phone and walking together in
between classes. ALL the while still talking on the phone
with Alan(who is none the wiser). Then the big I LOVE YOU
comes in. I loved him too, oh my god. What about Alan.
What to do. THen a few weeks later after getting much
closer to ANdy, Andy drops the bombshell, he has
girlfriend in another state (which I kind of knew about)
but didnt care. Well, so, well, she's coming to see him
after Christmas and he cant see me anymore. WHAT....

TO BE CONTINUED (must go get ready for dinner)