Nick's Journal
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2006-01-07 22:50:10 (UTC)

Playoff Predictions

as is customary for me, or not, i'm not quite sure. here
are my predictions for who will make it all the way to the
super bowl and then win it. we have the following 12 teams:
nfc -
seahawks, bears, bucs, giants, panthers, redskins
afc -
colts, broncos, bengals, patriots, jaguars, steelers
now let me give you a background on me this season i liked
the saints, the redskins, and the patriots. this is the
first season i truly like the patriots, and what's more,
most people really hate them now.
the saints are more my bro's team than mine and they're done
anyhow. so here we go.
obviously the patriots are going to beat the jaguars, no
doubt in my mind. then the steelers are going to slowly
control the bengals to death in the first round in the afc.
the redskins are going to make people remember why
everybody hates anyone with the last name that's the same as
a lame-ass video game. (a note here - i really hate chris
sims, i don't know why, but i hate him. he is going to lose
it for the bucs and he will get destroyed, then fade into
the nothingness that he came out of, he couldn't win it with
texas and he sure as hell won't beat the redskins' D). now
the panthers i thought long and hard about at the beginning
of this season but i just decided they weren't that good,
and i am DYING to see a manning vs. manning superbowl and
having the younger manning win. so i am going wiht the giants.
that clears the first round.
second round. my first upset of this round the redskins
will beat the seahawks. why? because the seahawks are
perenial chokers, the only difference is this year they will
just be a higher seed. then it's the giants vs the bears at
soldier field. hmmmm. now i am all for a manning vs.
manning super bowl, but come on. manning vs the bears D at
soldier field? they will shut down tiki barber and manning
will throw about 300 interceptions, but not before getting
wrecked by brian urlacher.
in the afc, in my opinion these two games will be impossible
to call. i mean the steelers vs. the colts and the
patrriots vs. the broncos? i know a lot of people who think
the steelers are highly overrated, but then again so i think
jake plummer is. plummer will kill this team, because in
the playoffs shanahan can't baby him with a consistent run
attack. the patriots will get about 2,000 plummer
interceptions and beat them. with the steelers and colts:
bill cowher will choke this one away by being ultra
conserative. willie parker will somehow blow it for the
the redskins and the bears. you know it. what a game this
will be, remember the first game of the season? remember
how it ended? that's how this will be. redskins!
then the GAME OF THE YEAR (PART 2), the
colts and the patriots. you know it, i know it, the
patriots will win this game and it will be the most glorious
win ever. teddy bruschi will put an end to manning and
vrabel will catch 20 tds this game..
patriots vs. redskins in the superbowl baby!!! best
superbowl ever! and i just don't know whom to pick.....who?
i love the skins, but i want the patriots on this, solely
so that tom brady can say,
"we are disrespected, we actually had to play someone for
this title? bitch please! disrespect!"
3 in a row.
i believe.