Nick's Journal
2006-01-07 13:38:36 (UTC)

# 2 on my list of Top 37 most intriguing people I've ever met

going right on down the list. when i wrote my first entry i
thought it would just be a one-time ordeal (i mean come on
who really knows 37 intriguing people? most people are
mediocre at best). but then i got to thinking about the
people i've come ot meet and i don't know if its because
i've been thrust into so many different environments, but
there is nothing more interesting to me than the people i've
# 2.
Brett Walters.
i first met him when i started private school. what a
traumatizing ordeal THAT was; anyhow, his parents were
friends of good friends of my parents so we got together. i
guess at first a background on brett's parents is in
order. they were rich, and i don't mean kind of rich, i
mean filthy rich. his dad owned several car dealerships and
their house was gi-normous. i remember meeting brettfor
the first time in the house of this "baron" from russia (who
later turned out to be a crook, but he and his son's stories
are saved for # 11 on this list). Brett, very simply was
what i would call a "tragic clown".
after teh first time i met him, i realized that
a.) i had just met someone who was MORE cynical and
sarcastic than i waas
b.) i really pitied him, and i really hate the word pity,
ugh what a horrible word, but i truly can't find a better one.
he was a phlegmatic, stoic, but most of all despondent. he
is the only person who trully exhibited a despondent
personality. everything he did and everything he said
seemed to exude a discouraging and utterly hope-drained
outlook on life.
he hung out with my friends when i was in private school and
i thought he was probably one of the down-right funniest
people i've ever met in my life. i could see that there was
someone underneath his shell of disenchantment that just
wanted a normal life.
i didn't really get to see him again until i came back from
austria for my senior year in high school. i remember at
that time my parents wanted me to "become good friends with
him and his father so that i would get help getting into
this great state university", now that was when i unfairly
displaced hatred on brett. i was so incensed by this that
i started hating him and his family.
you see if there is one thing i just can not do, it is be
nice to someone just for the sole sake of my own benefit.
if my parents had just not said that i would have been so
much better of. so i remember us going to their place a day
before christmas and i was fuming. then i saw a sight that
i have never seen before in my life and has stuck with me
until today.
when i came in and looked at their christmas tree i saw that
must have been well over 100 presents, big and small, just
crowding an already enormous portion of the wall. for some
reason this just made me even angrier. needless to say my
"bonding" didn't work out and i didn't see much of brett
for senior year as he just stopped going.
i didn't get into the university in fact only one person
made it from my school, that guy graduated summa cum laude
and was vale-dictorian. oh and one other guy made it:
he didn't go to school for almost all of senior year (his
despondency just ate him up i guess), but he got in. i
remember one of my best friends being absolutely enraged by
this (it had always been his dream to get into this
university) and he worked so hard to get in his entire life
but came up short.
anyhow that is the story of the second most intriguing
person i've ever met. nothing has jaded me more about our
system of meritocracy than my relationship with this one person.
but i guess that was a bit naive from the beginning.