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2006-01-07 02:06:19 (UTC)

why do i miss it?

5th annual writing contest. missed it. totally missed it.

its hard to have so much to say with such a strong
philadelphia accent. people can't understand me over the
phone. its an occupational hazard. someone at applebees
asked me if i was from england once and then ordered a
plate of nachos. mustve been the way i said nachos.

and yesterday i caught the 7 bus...missing the 650 and
watching it pull away via the NJT. missing it and watching
its taillights dash off and float along and disappear. so
i sat reading my complimentary USAToday...the cover still
said that all 12 miners had survived. what a tremendous
april fools trick in the poorest of taste. and they're

everyone on the bus has a technique and im too chicken to
have my own. the man with the bald head sits in the aisle
seat and faces toward the window with his paper fanned out
in front of him. He puts the seat down and asks me if its
okay because im tall and so is he and we get eachother.
sortof. i wonder sometimes why he never wears a hat. and
why his hair suddenly decided not to grow any more.
one day his umbrella fell from the luggage rack above-one
of those sharp pointy knifey umbrellas-and missed me by an

there are people who stare and people who smoke and people
who buy their tickets daily and have to deal with white
paper daily. and me who loses a monthly pass in a giant
handbag with too many pockets and each day has a personal.
heart. attack. miss heart attack. jestodd heartattack. and
i try to do things to make them think...

like the day i made origami seals out of dollar bills or
when play the SIMs all the way home or when i read
classics and highlight all of the words that i promise
myself ill use in everyday conversation but never do. but
nobody cares much. i wonder if the bus will ever break
down. somehow i hope it will...just so id know what it was