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2006-01-06 08:22:45 (UTC)

Brand New quotes

all of the following quotes are from the band Brand New:

what they call love is a risk
cause you'll always get hit out of nowhere
by some wave and end up on your own

i've got desperate desires and unadmirable plans
my tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent

If looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring.
Know we do this 'cause we care and not for the thrill.
Collect calls to home, to tell 'em that I realize that
everyone who lives will someday die and die alone

No longer cool, but a boy in a stitch,
unprepared for a life full of lies and failing relationships

it's girls like you that make me think im better off
home on a saturday night
with all my doors locked up tight
i wont be thinking about you, baby

back in school they never told us what we needed to know
like how to deal with despair or someone breaking your heart

im gonna stay 18 forever
so we can stay like this forever

you are the smell before rain
you are the blood in my veins
call me a safe bet
i'm betting i'm not...

Is this the way a toy feels when its batteries run dry?
I am the watch you always wear but you forget to wind

if you ever said you miss me then don't say you never lied

I'm sick and sunk and I blame myself
cause I make things hard and you were just trying to help

you're still pretty and im still choked up
it's probably just the same...

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