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2006-01-06 05:41:21 (UTC)

Man, this guy is dumb. . .

This boy I'm seeing now thinks I am utterly clueless. A
girl knows when a guy is lying, ya know? You can't
say, "oh, I'm just sitting here watching a movie with my
roommate" and obviously have the wind blowing into your
cellphone, and be short of breath. Like, come on!!! You
think I have the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. You are
obviously hiding something.

And having girls phone you about 5 times in a row because
they need to 'get something off [their chests]'. What the
hell? Like honestly, I don't really care about whatever it
is. Secretive men just piss me off. It wouldn't have
mattered what he told me, as long as I got SOMETHING. Even
a lame-ass excuse like, "oh, that was my sister."

Must proceed to find honest, open man. Key word: Man. Not
whiny pouty little six-year-old style character. I can see
why my friends date the older guys. Maybe it just takes
them longer to grow up. Maybe I'm just damned unlucky.

This boy is really dumb. I continue to see him because
he's cute, and, as I have given up on finding a DECENT
man, I will take what I can get. For now.

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