I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-10-09 17:46:46 (UTC)

A very blustery day

It's nice and cool today! It's not often cool in Florida.
It's overcast, and looking like rain. It's been very windy
too. I didn't realize that we didn't usually get alot of
wind here. After we cleaned out my grandparents house in NC
after they died, my mom grabbed the windchimes that had
been on their porch for years. Now I hear them tinkle
everytime there's a gust of wind. Happy Tuesday. I am
enjoying this time at home, collecting my thoughts. It
would be better if the computer would decided to work
better, but it's being moody. I go to my internship
tomorrow. My mom and I will carpool downtown in the
morning. Too bad she has to be there so early. Oh yay! It's
raining now.

After we moved my grandfather here, before he died, we had
to take turns sitting with him in rotating shifts. We made
sure that someone was with him 24/7. It was amazing how
long he held on. Well, I knew that he was dying, so I was
expecting it. We were close, but not THAT close. My
grandparents had been living in NC and we never lived close
by so we saw them a couple of times a year. Well, I cried
once, and it was so bizarre because the person that I cried
too is Matthew. Right infront of his girlfriend too. Good
thing she's a really cool chick. Well, he just held me. It
was just what I needed. I never really thanked him. I don't
think that we'll every bring it up because it would be too
akward, but that moment, it wasn't. It was really nice.
What a nice guy. I want a guy like that. One who will just
listen and then hold me when I need it.

I'm sitting here today procrastinating getting a job. I'm
looking up good baby names online. No, I'm not pregnant,
but I will be one day. I just like thinking up good names.
I have to write them down though, or else I forget them.
I'm not ready for kids for awhile.

Wow, this weather is beautiful. I love it. It's good nap
weather, actually. Maybe that's what I'll do next. We'll
see. Okay, I'm off. Maybe more later.