The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2006-01-04 01:59:09 (UTC)

New Years Rocked!!!

Dear Diary

Hey it's me. Wow! I had such a great weekend. I miss it
already. We got drunk Saturday night. lol. It was fun. Poor
Cody though had to take care of me. I ate too many Jello
shots and got kind of sick. He's so nice though. :)

Yeah, Cody and I are doing great. I was worried for a bit
about us cause of the distance but, I think we're gonna ok.
I'm excited about next semester. I'm kind of bummed about
some shit with TSB but they call kiss my ass. Why the hell
should I care about them anyways. Tricia I think is pissed
off too but again I don't give a shit. I'm tired of worrying
about her and everyone else. Amanda and Daniel are doing
great. Yeah, poorMandy lost her purse but she found it. YAY
rah!!! I was happy about that one. So was Cody.

I'm really stressed right now for some reason. I had a great
weekend and had a blast but I'm just worried. I have the
feeling in my stomach like something is wrong. I guess I
shouldn't worry so much. TSB can kiss my ass and Amanda and
Daniel are still my friends and Cody and I are great and
everyone knows that Tricia is a bitch so...there. hehehe. I
need to stop worrying so much. I feel like I need to cut but
I used Salt and Ice last week and it looks TERRIBLE. It
turned like a dark blackish brown. lol. Ooops. Oh well. I
think I'm gonna go for now. I'll update later.

Love ya lots