breaking away
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2006-01-03 16:28:52 (UTC)

take it all away...

so yea.. School is going to start in less than 24 hrs..
how freaking scary!! ugh! I dont wanna go to Sherry Land
High School... I dont even know how to spell it much less
want to go to it.. I am so scared right now.. we are
getting ready to go and meet the Principal and counclor..
stuff like that... like some loser new person would do...
I am so scared and I dont want to go through this at all..
I know people may think this is not a big deal and that I
am such a baby but.. change scares me alot.. and I know
that it is part of life.. it can still scare me.. but at
least I have my friends back at home and david here with
me.. with out him.. psh there would have been no way that
I could have gone through this alone.. but I dunno we will
just have to see that will happen.. I know God will guide
me every step of the way..[ I hope u come down here with
me..]=s =)