Wo ist Amanda?
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2006-01-03 09:21:30 (UTC)

The bumpiest path is mine.

Of course, I have not written in awhile. I'm somewhat
occupied most of the time with LIFE to find a computer with
the internet and spend an hour typing my life's issues here
for absolutely nobody to read...and yet, here I am.

Abe, I have decided, is my soulmate...and I his. He is
currently in the CMF Vacaville, CA prison...for domestic
violence. Yes, yes, that sounds horrible...and it is in so
many ways. I love that boy so damn kills me
inside to be so devoted to his heart when he is so far away
from me. His girlfriend...yes, she's still his
gurl...pissed him off and he hit her. The thing is...well,
I know him more than he thinks I do, and I know he didn't
mean to hurt her. He just has a bad temper. He loves his
son, lil Abe, so much...he lives for that boy. And, well,
he's spending about 6 months in prison to think about what
he did and miss his loved ones. In the process, he has had
a chance (I'm sure not the FIRST chance in his life) to see
that most people in his life don't give two shits about him
when he's not around. I hate it that he has to hurt like
this when he sees that I'm the ONLY one sending him money,
letters, and pictures...AND paying a $400 phone bill so we
could talk on the phone everyday for two weeks. Anyways, I
love and miss him so much and I'm waiting until Valentine's
Day so we can be together...again...I hope...
Lonely is a dark place to live...I need to move.