My Ruined Reputation
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2006-01-03 00:39:30 (UTC)

Death Blooms, Love Fades

Athena's dead. I can't believe it. I didn't know her that
well, but it still hit me really hard. I mean, one day
she's alive and full of energy and the next she's lying in
a hospital dead...
She was at a party at Amy's house, and Amy's mom came home
and kicked everyone out. She got into the car with some
guy who was drunk and drove away. They got close to the
high school and they ran into a tree. Athena wasn't
wearing her seat belt and she flew out the wind shield.
She was flown to Sharp hospital and she died there a few
hours later...
I heard about it and I didn't believe it. I just couldn't.
It was like no, no, it's not true, it can't be. She's
alive, people are just full of shit. But then more and
more people told me...And I just...I don't know...It
hurt...That's all I can say.

And then there's Matt...I really do like him. But I know
he doesn't want a relationship with anyone. I understand
that, but I'm scared that we'll never be anything else
other than friends with benefits. But that's life I