...Mon Couer Bat Pour Tu...
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2006-01-02 02:52:14 (UTC)

There are some things you just can't change.

There are some things you just can't change.
And there are some things you wish you could.

Me? I'm stuck making friends who are the best in the world,
who promise to keep my secrets, who love me for me.
...Friends that turn their backs, friends that betray,
friends that hurt me every chance they get.

One in the same, ladies and gentlemen.
And you know what?
I'm pretty fucking sick of it.

Okay? Okay. Thanks...
And goodbye. -Forever. I'm no longer going to update this
journal, and it isn't because I feel I've grown, and it
certainly isn't because I feel I have learned something
from this experience.

I am leaving. . . because I am sick of being hurt by the
people I trusted myself to confide in.
I wont be handing you knives to bury in my back.

Not anymore.

So with a weak "fuck you", and a shaky sob leaping with my
shoulders and tearing from my throat (and oh how fucking
pathetic and poetic I sound) I leave you here.
I leave you here... to rot.

Burn in the hells you believe in.

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