Leah's Thoughts
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2006-01-01 16:56:07 (UTC)

k...happy new year

Well let me see I turned 30 which was kinda hard but I did
it..didnt really do much went out for a bit..My bf came into
town...and I thought we were moving way to fast so I am
trying to take a step back. He is a farm boy and if I really
want to think about my future I cant see myself on a farm
feed cows and I dont know what to do..I know I
am not committed to him or even feel like I am because I
invited a friend to come and hang out lastnight so if I was
into this guy then my eyes would not stray and they
I dont know what to do. I think I am going to go and I dont
know shop or
Well I have a few new years resolutions....
1) join a gym
2)lose 5 lbs a month till next year
3)quit drinking pop
4)quit eatting chips..
5)try go to church every sunday starting next week. I think
I missed this one today

See I think I can do all of this so I am going to go with it
and see where it goes from here..

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