Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-01-01 12:32:30 (UTC)


so. Events in no particular order from last year...

lived in the same apt for just over 11 months, 2 weeks
which is by and large the longest I've ever lived in one
place for one time, ever...

had 3 roommates whom I all met in winnipeg live with me
in said previous apartment here in ottawa... of which
all 3 departed from here back citing they fucking stand and
hated ottawa, and all went back to winnipeg (why I don't know)

gained 3 new roommates at the place I moved into.. and then
another pseudo roommate... much enjoy the ambiance and I
have to say, I actually now like living in Ottawa as
opposed to just being here because I lacked a car and the
money to move back to edmonton...

what else.. oh yes.. earlier this year gord, decided to
get arrested for being a pedophile, that was amusing.. not.
then tried to come back to the apt and live there to which
I told him to fuck off.. 9 years of friendship will only
get you so much currency in my book.. he used his up..

I had 3 sets of friends, charles who tried to buy my
friendship and was basically annoying the shit out of me
with his "I'm smarter than you are, and know everything
routine" that I just told him to fuck off.. that he was
trying to hit on crystal who can't control herself and
inviting himself over to the apt was pretty much the last
straw that broke the camels back... if he hadn't been an
ass about me throwing crystal back to winnipeg, we'd still
probably be friends..

john and the rest of gaming group... basically john turned
into an asshole when he realized he sucked as a DM, and
made it really difficult to play in the new game.. so I
just said fuck it one day and haven't spoken to them
since.. it's been 5 months now, and to be honest.. I don't
really miss them.. except Liam.. he was cool...

Phil, awesome guy, his friends are.. cool in their own
right, but fuck with friends like that, who needs
enemies.. and the drama oozing from their pores made me
ill.. I think it was more the hostile reaction I got from
the last party that made me think I'd stepped into a den
of wolves and they saw I really wasn't prey that really
sparked my departure from that scene.. good people I'm
sure.. but fucking hell.. I watch Rome, and know the
backstabbing is coming with them.. but these guys? you'd
never know it.. yikes...

Had lessee 4 jobs, of which 2 I hated and I'd gotten fired
from, of course, I know they'd have fired me for various
reasons, if only as soon as I gave into temptation
anyways.. there's only so much one can do when you can
abuse you're discount and make more scads of cash doing
the "extra" (which is not illegal, more, morally
ambiguous) than actually working for the place you are...

Brooke came to town, but I don't think I rate as a friend,
otherwise he'd have called me out for coffee, which is ok,
it's annoying because I'm sure there are some things to
which he'd like answers to... not that I'm not entirely at
fault nor guilty of shit.. but like life.. not everything
is black and white... it's unfortunate, I certainly don't
blame him, I'd probably do the same thing... honestly if
he were just honest about shit, I'd be less annoyed than I
am now..

What else is there.. ah yes.. I supplemented my income
rather handily this year through Chapters and their inane
rules about returning books at cover value and giving you
In store credit... let me tell you, when you buy books
from the US off eBay for $24 canadian and Chapters gives
you the full cover price of $42.99 to 55.95 plus tax you
can make out fairly well when you use the instore credit
to buy ipods and sell them for damn near retail, minus tax
of course...

I bought 7 X-box 360's for $600 a piece, and then I turned
around and sold them for $950 each.. not a grand profit,
let me tell you.. but enough to clear up some debts.. I
got completely fucked when the other 10 I had reserved at
blockbuster went to someone else because the manager was a
tool.. I would have been able to pay back everyone I own
money too.. .. and now no one is paying "SHEEP" prices so
even if I managed to get them it wouldn't be as fun..

oh well.. playstation 3's are coming soon.. this time,
when the sheep come knocking, I won't be unwilling to go
lower, while still making a profit...

Of all the movies I've seen this year.. perhaps the best
among them was Layer Cake, Memoirs of a Geisha, Serenity,
House of Flying Daggers 2040 (ok the last 2 didn't come
out last year, but I saw them last year), and lessee..
there are others of course..

I met 6 girls, dated 2 of them for less than 3 weeks...
slept with 5 of them, and had the worst, horrific kind of
sex one could have with a girl.. Bad Sex is still sex..
but that.. I'll be scared forever. The other sex was good
and in one instance great sex... but sadly nothing ever
arose from that.. which is sad.. but like my life..

It seems, that no matter how hard I tried to get ahead, I
fell backwards after the step.. but never right away..
always.. just a taste of that forward movement.. and then
the fall..

if I learned anything last year.. "Don't over reach,
you'll just regret it".

Ah yes.. last year was interesting.. dull.. but
interestingly so..