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2005-12-31 11:50:44 (UTC)


i dont know what to say... i care about u lots dave, i
dont want to hurt your feelings.. i hope that it is enough
that i care about you but u kno that i do not love
you like that... right? have u any idea how many
time's ive heard this from so many different men... so
many different ways... do i do this to you all? i feel
so guilty for all of them, as if i did something wrong, as
if i hurt them ...

its like a burden to know all of you fall for me.. and
dont just fall hard, but fall forever.. all of you, all
of you still love me...all would take me back in a whisper
of a heart

and ive loved u all.. not like you would wish.. but loved
for you soul. but not in love...
to break ur hearts costs me

to watch u fall and stumble along.. sayin whatever you
believe will catch me.. sadens me.. how u trip over
yourselves.. i am moved, compassionate..
.. why are u so lost to me

so many

all that ive ever met

you never give up, you cant.. you would be smothered, be
wiped away... gone forever..
you say whatever you can, u change everything to try and
suit me

you all remember me

you all say there is none like me, none that compare
and i hope that one day you will find another and forget
me.. it never happends.

I am a gem.

the one that comes along in a mans life who he wants to
be with forever.

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